Professional projects

  • – helped manage, architect, and create many of the online tools (stores, real time auctions, search engines, images, web services, payment systems, etc) for our online business.  Delivered an Identity and Access Management system, and social intranet supporting the 20k employees.  (Perl, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Jive, Sharepoint)
  • Intellimedia Commerce – consulting company building sites for many customers including: (airline ticket registration), Kelly Registration (pesticide industry), SunTrust, Used Car Network, Kompass
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute – Electrical Engineering work, including: databases, QA, chip analysis, etc
  • Sales Technologies – custom sales systems and databases
  • Microbilt – credit card readers

Fun Projects / Side Projects / Open Source Projects

Open Source Profiles



Unity 3D Development:


Development Technologies of interest to me:

  • Languages
    • Web (HTML, JavaScript)
    • Node.js
    • Java
    • C#
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SQL and noSQL
  • Platforms
    • Windows, Linux
    • Mobile / Android
  • Architectures
    • Cloud computing – AWS
    • Microsoft’s SharePoint and PowerApps
    • Neural Networks / Machine Learning
    • Google – Integrations, Scripts,
    • Amazon Echo Alexa
  • Unity3d
  • Virtual Reality
  • Code Automation
    • Greasemonkey
    • Phantom.js
    • Build tools
    • Home
    • Stock Market Trading


  • IDEs
    • Visual Studio (and VS Code)
    • Atom
    • Eclipse
    • Unity 3D
    • GameMaker Studio
  • Mobile
  • Graphic Tools
    • Blender 3D
    • Bryce
    • Unity 3D
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