I’ve been creating music for many years. I enjoy most styles of music and helping others with their music endeavors including writing, playing, recording, mixing, and mastering music.  I believe anyone can create music… and almost anyone can learn to sing well. Everyone starts at different levels with different capabilities. I started learning music as a Freshman in HS with almost no music talent or knowledge. As a Senior in HS, I had a few lessons from Mrs Patterson (singing and piano) and went on to do an independent study in music (and art). By the time I was in college (Georgia Tech as an Electrical Engineer), I was writing and performing my own songs. I had the opportunity to room with other musicians and launched “Under the Couch” (performance and recording venue on GT campus).

Joseph (my son) and Caroline (my daughter) both have taken an interest in creating music. They also have many very talented friends who have come over to record. Joseph started his music efforts at age 12 when he asked for a cell phone. I said he could earn one by publishing 6 songs on iTunes. Six years later, we published 6 songs on iTunes, and he earned his cell phone. Caroline has also been playing piano, singing, but dabbles in art and photography.

Below are some of the songs I took the time to record and upload.  The different version numbers on the song typically represent different mix/masterings that I created. Most of the songs haven’t been mastered since that takes more time.

Joseph McCann’s original songs:

Check out Joseph’s 6 original songs published on iTunes or on Joseph’s site:

We Are One (c)

Take Me As I Am (c)

(I wrote the lyrics, Joseph and Justin created the music)

Joseph McCann – Covers:

Love Is Here




Collide (v1 and v3)

In Christ Alone

Hey There Delilah

You’re Beautiful

Joseph McCann and Friends

Hallelujah – Joseph and Justin Maxwell

10000 Reasons – Justin, Lily, Hunter, Joseph

Fall for you – Joseph and Chloe (80s style)

Caroline McCann’s Original Songs:

(copyright 2016)

Heart Attack

Caroline McCann and Friends

Sweater Weather

Mallory Redding:

Mallory has a wonderful voice too.  At the moment, she has focused on only cover songs, but I’m looking forward to her doing some original work.


Jar of Hearts

The Only Exception

This is Gospel

Misguided Ghosts

Saxon Olson:

Saxon has gone on to study voice/music at Berry College.



Brooke Arthur:

Brooke started working with me in 2015 for vocal lessons and now recording.

Lost Boy

Mary Kate Farmer:

Mary Kate has gone on to pursue a career in music and is doing a wonderful job! Below is her original.

Life is Waiting (c)

Megan Connely:

Megan wrote an original and performed with her Dad and Joseph.

We Click (c)


Chrissy on Youtube
Chrissy has a lot of natural talent. She is very creative and wrote and performed (vocals, piano) these original songs (2012).  I created most of the music, mix, etc.  Many different versions / styles were attempted with her music. Her “introduction” song is a good example of how you can change the feel of the song by changing the music / effects / mix.

The Introduction v8 (c)


The Introduction v3 (c)


The Introduction v4 (c)


The Introduction v7 (c)


Not Worth Saving (c)

Feed Your Heart v4 (c)

Feed Your Heart v7 (c)


Kyle Macaluso and Kelly Polk :

We had fun working on their original songs.  As I recall, they were still being written as we recorded them.

Waiting for the Dawn v5 (c)

Waiting for the Dawn v6 (c)

The Girl (c)

Collaboration with others for fun (karaoke mixes):

Come in with the Rain – Cassidy, Joseph

Caliifornia Girls – Leah, Miruna, Joseph


Other Songs

So Alive 



Video of Joseph Performing “You’re Beautiful” Live:

Video of collaboration song “Gone” with Mary Butker:

Video of Joseph performing “Wonderwall”:

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